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The meaning of SAVAGE IN GYMโ„ข
  The meaning of SAVAGE IN GYMโ„ข is simple. Definition for SAVAGE means force of nature, fierce, to us, nothing will hold you back due to the mentality of being uncontrolled. Taking that anger, emotions, the stress of barely surviving to make โ€œends meetโ€, the ambition, the interest, grind, the hustle, urge to make your physique appearance better than before, to live healthier than yesterday, the desire of weights. Channeling your inner fierceness and releasing it in the GYM. That is the meaning of SAVAGE IN GYMโ„ข. Channeling your inner savageness in the gym.  

What is SAVAGE IN GYMโ„ข?

Savage In Gymโ„ข is a Brand. It consists of varieties of apparels and gear that could be beneficial while working out. The brand name is also the name of the Social Media videos that are made with Ed Paris and features. Its main priority is to persuade individuals to live a longevity life by creating entertaining and inspiring videos, serve as a Fitness Brand image in gym, giving advice and discussing new ways of making you a SAVAGE IN GYMโ„ข.