Who said you need a #GYM to throw some weights around? Watch Ed Paris & one of the original #Iron #Addicts, WAAARR REEAADDYY himself, Big Hurk do a quick arms, pass the bar routine at a nearby #truck stop. Nothing but love, great weather & an nice breeze. Remember folks, it's all about the enjoyment of this sport. Have fun, but get it done! 

 You ain't never seen no #SHOULDER #WORKOUT as #crazier than this! The most #brutal, #insane, non believable #routine that would have your ancestors rattling in their grave. 900 #REPS, three individuals = 2700 REPS combined. Watch Ed Paris execute a high REP range #routine with Tony.Fit and Terron Love in the video SHOULDERS DEVASTATION @ ForTheGloryGym. 

 Watch Ed Paris visit the #MECCA of #Bodybuilding, the #Original #Historic#Gym, Gold's #Venice #California. Having a workout before filming Savage In Gym #Muscle #Beach Part 2.  

 #INSANE #SUPERSET #WORKOUT #ROUTINE with Ed Paris & Tony.Fit. Starting with Dumbbell Press till Failure, followed by EZ Bar Curling, Close Grip. Executing with Entire Range of Motion, Contracting, Squeezing & incorporating Time Under Tension. 

EDPARIS|MTOWNMONSTA|TREDEAN3MONSTA @missionfitnesscenter in #CALIFORNIA #Train in a #Bench #Press routine. As #USPA Elite Bench Presser, Best comp 585lbs, Ct's Fletcher Iron Wars 2 winner and BENCH IS LIFE owner, Jamar "M Town Monsta" Randolph teaches and give knowledge to #USAPL competitor and @savageingym owner, Ed Paris for his upcoming competition 


"As our brand expand worldwide we begin to bring in and assemble a team that could lead Savage In Gym, that could inspire and motivate, entertain our audience, our followers as Ed Paris has accomplished. We wanted to create this video to continue to show the world that Fitness could be fun as well vs serious". 

 Watch ED PARIS|SOLECITO MEDINA| work their SHOULDERS & BICEPS. Executing high volumn of REPS and giving full range of motion from extension to flexion. Starting with Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press, Dumbbell Biceps Curls, Dumbbell Lateral Raises & EZ Bar Reverse Palm Curl. Below the post is each one full work out in this video.    

 "LIVE your LIFE to the fullest". KEYWORD (YOUR). Individuals, people are so haste to make judgment calls on your life, as if they're paying your bills, walking in your shoes, telling you what it is, how it is, who it is. Now, don't get us wrong, knowledge that could be beneficial by experienced people is exceptional. But, it's a difference, people that gives you knowledge for you  to succeed & people that give you knowledge to watch you fail. 


 Watch Ed Paris|Rob Did It at #IRONADDICTS, California, work Shoulders & Secondary Muscle Group Triceps in this Super-Set WORKOUT ROUTINE.  

 #BANGING #TRICEPS #WORKOUT #VIDEO with ED PARIS & M-TOWN MONSTA @Mission Fitness Center in #Alhambra #California. #Training triceps in two different variations with Full Range of Motion, Contracting, Squeezing, Fast Tempo movement. M-Town Monsta is a #USPA Elite Bench Presser, Best comp 585lbs, Ct's Fletcher Iron Wars 2 winner and BENCH IS LIFE owner & Ed Paris is a #USAPL competitor, Fitness Enthusiast and Savage In Gym Fitness Brand owner.