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BIG BACK is what ED PARIS|DARRELL ENIS said they wanted! Watch @edleonparis and @heavyallthetime in this back workout. 


#DEADLIFT PARTY to another LEVEL! Hands down the hype's LIFTING #party of #2019 so far! ENERGY to 10000000! Watch Savage In Gym, Ed Paris along with Bolo Swole, Joey Miller & the Boyz over at #Grind & #Glory #Gym PUSH one another to Personal Record in this deadlifting video.  

 We said "we ain't playing with this 1"! Watch: Ed Paris|Bolo Swole #BANG out SHOULDERS|ARMS in this #intense, straight #dungeon #workout. Truth be told, this industry has gotten to the point of 90% videos being filled with booty, vlogging over BS, selling a bunch of BS. What happen to the JUST SHUT UP AND LIFT days? We had to take it back to just that & get down with raw material!  

 Who said you need a #GYM to throw some weights around? Watch Ed Paris & one of the original #Iron #Addicts, WAAARR REEAADDYY himself, Big Hurk do a quick arms, pass the bar routine at a nearby #truck stop. Nothing but love, great weather & an nice breeze. Remember folks, it's all about the enjoyment of this sport. Have fun, but get it done! 

EDPARIS|MTOWNMONSTA|TREDEAN3MONSTA @missionfitnesscenter in #CALIFORNIA #Train in a #Bench #Press routine. As #USPA Elite Bench Presser, Best comp 585lbs, Ct's Fletcher Iron Wars 2 winner and BENCH IS LIFE owner, Jamar "M Town Monsta" Randolph teaches and give knowledge to #USAPL competitor and @savageingym owner, Ed Paris for his upcoming competition 


"As our brand expand worldwide we begin to bring in and assemble a team that could lead Savage In Gym, that could inspire and motivate, entertain our audience, our followers as Ed Paris has accomplished. We wanted to create this video to continue to show the world that Fitness could be fun as well vs serious".